Renewing your adult passport

Renewing your adult passport

Passport enquiries

If you have an enquiry email us and we’ll respond with 24 hours.

Can I renew my passport in Jersey?

You can apply to renew your passport in Jersey if you live here, or were born here and now live in the UK.

Following Brexit Jersey variant British passports will continue to be issued and will be aligned to the design of those issued in the United Kingdom.

There is currently no need for Jersey variant British passport holders to do anything prior to their current passport renewal date.

Cost of a passport

Renewing an adult, 10 year, 32-page passport costs £72.50 (standard service). There is an express service at an extra cost.

Passport fees

How to apply for a passport

You can download a passport application and complete it on your computer. Then you’ll need to print it off and either hand it in, or send it to us at:

Passport Office
Customer and Local Services
Phillip Le Feuvre House
La Motte Street
St Helier

You’ll also need to provide:
  • two identical photographs taken within the last month
  • a countersignature (a witness’ signature) if required
  • any supporting documents
  • the fee

Passport application form

If you’re having problems downloading the application form below, right click on the link and ‘save target as’ or ‘save link as’ to your desktop or device and access it from there.

This application form is not compatible with iPhones or iPads.

Passport application form

You can still get paper forms from Customer and Local Services at La Motte Street, most Post Offices and Parish Halls.

Help with filling out the form

You can hover over any areas on the document you need help with and instructions will pop up.

However, if you need more detailed help, you can read the guidance notes below.

Guidance notes for passport application

Photo requirements for passport applications

If you have links with the UK or other British Islands

If you were born, adopted, registered or naturalised in the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man, you must complete section 3 of the form.

If you have a link with the UK through a parent or grandparent who was born, adopted, naturalised or registered in the UK, you must provide as much information as possible. You only need to provide details of one parent or grandparent, not all.

Signing the application form

Usually, only you will need to sign the application form, but you will need a countersignature (someone to witness your application) if:

  • your appearance is very different from the photo in your current or last passport
  • your passport has been lost or stolen
  • this is your first application
  • your passport expired more than a year ago
  • your passport was restricted to a limited period
  • your passport is damaged

Getting your passport application form countersigned

Supporting documents you will need to provide

If the details in your current or last passport differ to those on your application form, you must submit your birth certificate so that we can update the new passport.

If your name has changed (or is about to change) you will have to submit supporting documents.

If you live outside Jersey

You cannot renew your passport in Jersey if you:

  • were not born here and now live in the UK (you must apply through UK offices)
  • live abroad (you must make an overseas application via GOV.UK website)

If you have a non-British passport

If you have dual citizenship (‘dual nationality’) and have a non-British passport, the name on your non-British passport must match the name and gender you want on your British passport.

If it doesn’t, change the details on your non-British passport before you apply for a new British passport.

What happens to your old passport

We will cancel your old passport when a new one is issued and you will not be able to use it.

We will return it to you unless it has been defaced or altered (in which case we will destroy it).


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