Dual Controls Pedals DRIVING SCHOOL CARS dual Pedals

$715.00 $500.00

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Dual Controls Pedals

dualcontrolsΤhe pedal kit is made to fit any vehicle that has a brake, clutch and accelerator pedal, with small adaptations you can control the original pedals and intervene or train a learning diver. In even  the most compact car the cables can be fitted, due to flexibility and small diameter, for a MPV, jeep, bus or truck, you use longer cables.


  • Brake Pedal only $170
  • Brake and Accelerator Pedal $190
  • Clutch, Brake, and Accelerator $200
  • Side Mirrors $10
  • Fitting $100

Warranty for 2 years

The Bowden cable is fitted with a nylon liner  to smoothen the use of the inner stainless steel cable that is used to pull on the original pedals.


  • Available as an economical priced brake only unit.


  • Available with Brake and Accelerator Pedal. Pedal height is adjustable using the screw undemeath the brake pedal arm. When the vehicle is not being used for instructional purposes, the Brake Pedal is easily removed by pulling Pedal Assembly A out of Pivot Bar B.

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  • Available in Manual Transmission : Clutch, Brake, and Accelerator.


  • The use of Nylon pulleys with ball bearings eliminate wear on cable wires. The same pulleys are used throughout the system except for the small pulley used on the accelerator’s driver’s side floor assembly. The pulleys outside diameter is 1 5/8 inches.


  • Cable housing (often referee to as the outer cable) is 3/8 inch in diameter and has a white nylon inner sleeve in order to reduce friction and to protect the cable from wear. The nylon white inner sleeve has been swaged together with the main housing using the steel end as shown: Note A.


  • When he knot is released from the cable housing, the white nylon inner is left protruding.


  • Note that the white  nylon inner of the cable housing will fit into the inner hole of the floor assembly. As a result, the cable never comes into contact with hard steel, which eliminates any possibility of cable wear.

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  • Cable fastening hole in pivot arm is threaded. This, along with the use of a lock nut, allows the cable loop to be kept loose so that it can pivot.


  • Driver’s Side Cable To Pedal Arm Clamp.


  • Driver’s Side Cable To Pedal Arm Clamp: Disammembled View. The use of a shoulder bolt allows the cable to pivot on the clamp.


  • Driver’s Side Accelerator Floor Assembly. The dual accelerator pedal uses a small 1/15 diameter cable run inside the size housing as the brake/clutch part of the kit.  The driver’s side floor assembly is low profile measuring 1 ¼ inches high.


  • Driver’s  Side Accelerator Floor Assembly Parts: Uses a 1 inch outside diameter pulley made with ball bearings.


  • Fastening the accelerator cable to the vehicles pedal.



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