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How to buy a UK driving licence despite Covid 19 lockdown.

How to buy a UK driving licence despite Covid 19 lockdown. Our company works in partnership with 4 driving schools in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales where hundreds of driver’s licenses are being issued in England each year.

We have realized that some of these cities are too far for some of you to attain the theoretical and practical exams and some people are so busy at work and has no time to attend a driving exams. We enroll you to one of these driving schools and your files are treated like any other file due to our partnership with them. These driving schools are responsible for registering our driver’s license in DVLA or DVA. After registration of your driver’s license, we deliver it to you using a delivery agency. We do delivery directly to the address you provide to us. Contact Us to buy registered UK driver’s license online

How to buy a UK driving licence despite Covid 19 lockdown, With registered license you can drive your car without any problem with the police because all your information will appear valid in all database detective machine. We also provide fake UK driver’s license of very high quality. Our fake license has all the holograms and water arks like a registered one.

The only difference between a fake and real UK driver’s license is that with the fake driving license, your information will not be valid in the database when verified by the police or any authorities. We always advice our clients to go for a registered UK driver’s license because it is safe and they will be 100% free from the police. Contact Us here  

Buy UK driving licence without a practical or theoretical exams online

  For more than 15 years, It has been very difficult to get an original license sharply as a result of the complex procedures for obtaining the document. In fact, a ruthless review both theoretical and practical frightens more than one candidate or potential candidate. Buy UK driving licence

Here, with our impeccable procedure well presented below, we facilitate the procedures necessary to buy a UK driving license, not by deleting the procedures, but by taking them totally under our control, examining all the details of the procedure and not letting nothing to chance. The driving licence is therefore not only legally obtained but also legal and registered in the databases of the DVA or the DVLA according to the State. That’s why it’s so easy to buy a driving licence on our website. It should be noted that the period of validity of this  license is 10 years. How to buy a UK driving licence despite Covid 19 lockdown

UK full licence

Once you’ve passed the theory and practical parts of the driving test, you’ll receive your full driving licence. The full licence card is pink, instead of green. You must apply for your full licence within two years of passing your test or your pass certificate won’t be valid and you’ll have to re-sit your test.

The DVLA needs to be notified when you’ve passed, something which is usually done by the driving examiner following your test.

If your details haven’t changed since you got your provisional, the driving examiner will send your details to the DVLA and your full licence will usually arrive in about four weeks.

What’s on the card?

The front of your card shows your personal details – name, date of birth, address and driving licence number.

The issue and expiry date of your licence is also shown on the front of the photocard.

The categories of vehicles you’re allowed to drive are shown on the back, with dates the categories are valid from and to.

Any driving offences are stored electronically and viewed on the DVLA website.

What can I drive?

If you passed your driving test before 1997, you’ll be able to drive a category B vehicle and trailer combination with a maximum authorised mass (MAM) of 8,250kg.

If you passed your driving test after 1997, you can drive a category B vehicle up to 3,500kg with up to eight passenger seats. Most cars fall into category B. How to buy a UK driving licence despite Covid 19 lockdown

You’ll be able to ride category AM 2 or 3 wheeled vehicles too, like mopeds.

As well as cars and mopeds, you’ll be able to drive f, k and q category vehicles. That includes tractors, pedestrian controlled vehicles or mowing machines and two or three-wheeled vehicles without pedals and engine size less than 50cc.

Driving licence categories and codes

There are several categories of vehicles you could be qualified to ride or drive.

You may have to take extra lessons and tests to drive some classes of vehicles.

The full list of driving licence categories with more details is available on the website.

Vehicle category Code
Moped and motorbike AM, P, Q, A1, A2 and A
Light vehicles and quad bikes B1
Cars B, B auto and BE
Medium sized vehicles C1 and C1E
Large vehicles C and CE
Minibuses D1 and D1E
Buses D and DE
Agricultural tractor f
Road roller G
Tracked vehicles H
Mowing machine or pedestrian-controlled vehicle k
Electrically-propelled vehicle l
Trolley vehicles M
Exempt from duty n

Legal obligations

Apply for a licence

View a licence

Lost or stolen driving licence

Update your licence

Renew, reapply or exchange your licence

Upgrade your licence

Towing a trailer

Give up your licence

Tell DVLA a driver has died

Codes, categories and points

Contact DVLA

How to buy a UK driving licence despite Covid 19 lockdown
How to buy a UK driving licence despite Covid 19 lockdownbritain-with-a-non-uk-licence